Tactical Operations. Any mission, anytime, anywhere…precision guaranteed. You do what others can’t, in places they won’t go with an exactitude that shocks your adversary and awes your admirers. The TacOps® series from PNW Arms was designed specifically for Tier One operators like you who demand the absolute pinnacle in ballistics performance. PNW Arms TacOps® rounds are precision engineered, solid copper bullets built with top end terminal ballistics to provide optimal performance during go time. Utilizing the highest quality brass and filled with precisely metered, clean burning powder, TacOps® rounds provide reliable, maximum expansion with complete weight retention while maintaining standard chamber pressures.

• Lighter bullet design results in faster speeds and a flatter trajectory
• Lighter bullets also means faster sight recovery resulting in more rounds on target for devastating effect
• Extremely low-flash powder to preserve night vision

Our rounds are designed to have the fastest possible velocity without exceeding the safe pressure levels as defined by the Small Arms Ammunition Manufacturers Institute (SAAMI) which mitigates substantial risks (such as excessive recoil, over penetration, muzzle climb and stress) associated with +P rounds.


The Defensive Training series of bullets is engineered to exactly match the performance of the TacOps® round and enable train-with-what-you-carry at a fraction of the cost. These Defensive Training rounds mimic the recoil, point-of-aim and point-of-impact of the TacOps® rounds precisely, at around half the cost. In fact, our Defensive Trainers are incredibly popular with all types of shooters as range rounds because of their high performance and pleasant shooting characteristics.

PNW’s Defensive Training rounds use American made precision bullets, exactly metered clean burning powder and come in two versions – new and re-manufactured brass for additional cost savings.

At PNW, we understand your needs as a shooter, an operator and a trainer. With our TacOps and Defensive Training lineup, we meet you where you live by providing both unrelenting performance and unequaled value in the next generation of American Weapons Science.


Guiding the issue of expansion at normal pressures comes down to two primary things: material science and geometry


The geometry, similar to the materials, are tuned per caliber according to our strict specifications.


Science and art meet when propellants were specifically created for this technology. The first propellant ensures maximum speed with the lowest possible pressure and flash signature.


Our inspection process is second to none for TacOps. The finished round is hand inspected not once but twice to ensure the highest possible product is delivered to our end users.